Drysure is the original wireless, portable boot dryer.

Drysure is the ultimate way to fight wet shoes or boots without the need for a power supply, making them incredibly portable, long lasting and easy to use. These unique boot dryers will ensure you always have dry, comfortable footwear, while also improving your overall health by inhibiting bacteria growth inside your shoes or boots.

Did you know? The average person sweats 3-6 ml per boot per day, which not only makes for damp, smelly feet but also creates an ideal breeding ground for fungus and bacteria. Drysure shoe and boot dryers suck up moisture 12 times faster than air drying alone while targeting high moisture areas like the heel and toes. Because Drysure can be used anywhere, you can start inhibiting bacterial and fungal growth as soon as you take your shoes off - without needing to look for a socket. You can start drying your footwear in the car, on the bus, or in your gear back while you're on the go. Using Drysure not only dries footwear faster than air drying, but you can also start drying sooner than you can with traditional plug-in boot dryers.

Wet feet lose heat 25 times faster than dry feet, whether the moisture is coming from outside (rain or snow) or inside (sweat). Drysure gets you back outside faster and lets you stay out longer using their unique silica oxide bead technology. These boot dryers are long lasting and reusable - simply reactivate them in the oven or in direct sunlight. You can also rest easy knowing that these heatless footwear dryers won't damage or warp custom fitted boots or shoes, including heat molded soles and fine leather.